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Dove Soft Pvt Ltd. is an established name in digital communication services industry (bulk SMS, bulk email & more) spearheaded by Mr. Rahul Bhanushali, a young & talented leadership. Dove Soft has introduced “Dove Digital”, a full-service digital marketing services division for providing 360° digital marketing services to real estate sector, retail & more.

“Dove Digital” is equipped with a team of highly experienced SEO / digital marketing professionals serving as a one- stop shop for digital marketing needs of real estate, retail & other sectors.

  • SEO Compliant Web Design Services
  • SEO Content Writing Services
  • Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Google Adwords / PPC Services
  • Bulk SMS Marketing Services
  • Bulk Email Marketing Services
  • Market Place Listing Services
  • Complete eCommerce Services
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1. SEO Compliant Web Design Services

SEO friendly web design is one of the initial steps in the overall process of Search Engine Optimization. A website structure which is designed in accordance to Google guidelines can be easily adapted to search engine optimization process. Dove Digital provides SEO compliant web design & development services for static as well as dynamic websites.

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2. SEO Content Writing Services

The content need not be only “informative” & “engaging”, however, it must also include search queries (keywords) as per Google guidelines, which helps the content to rank well across search engines. It is one of the basic requirements of SEO process. Dove Digital provides SEO content writing services for website content, blogs, articles, press release, product description & more.

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3. Search Engine Optimization Services

No matter how beautiful your website is, no matter how informative the content is, however, if it cannot be found across Google & other search engines – it can be said that it’s like a bird without wings. Dove Digital provides complete website analysis, SEO on-page & SEO off-page services to improve your web presence.

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4. Social Media Marketing Services

Social media for business has allowed companies to increase brand awareness and reach of their brand at little to no cost. It serves as a “word of mouth” for the organization, which is trusted more by the audience as against any medium of advertisement. Dove Digital is fully equipped to provide social media marketing in a most professional manner with regular to special purpose social media campaigns.

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5. Google Adwords / PPC Services

Google Adwords is a paid advertising medium, wherein the advertisers pay as per the clicks received on their ad. Google adwords helps the advertisers to get instant visibility across the search engine with pin-point precision targeting (location, language & other demographics). It could be of great help in case of a new product launch, offer announcements, etc events. Google adwords campaigns can run in parallel to SEO as it provides with various added advantages.

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6. Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS is a process of sending a large number of SMS messages to a large group of people at once. In this age of mobile revolution, it is extremely important to stay in touch with technology at all times. Bulk SMS are the fastest way for conveying information within groups to several members, just within seconds. Dove Digital would take the entire responsibility of creating SMS campaigns, executing & monitoring them.

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7. Bulk Email Marketing Services

Bulk email is the practice of sending out electronic mail messages to large groups of recipients at once. Depending on how, why and to whom it is sent, bulk email service can be a useful communication tool. Bulk email marketing can be effectively used for business promotion activities or simply to keep people informed about various products or services. Dove Digital would take the entire responsibility of creating email campaigns, executing & monitoring them.

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8. Marketplace Listing Services

eCommerce is growing at an enormous pace, more & more people are buying online as compared to offline purchases. There are huge size marketplaces like Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, shopclues etc where merchants can list their products for selling online. Preparing product listings and managing the online marketplace is a specialized task. Dove Digital would take up the entire responsibility of marketplace listings on your behalf – it includes on-boarding process, preparing the listing, uploading the product listings, managing the account & its reporting.

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